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TRD sway bar and strut brace ?

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Hey Guys!

A guy near me has a used TRD rear sway bar and a used TRD front strut brace for sale. He said his lowest price is $200, the front brace is in really good shape but the rear sway bar is the older style and looks like it could use a quick spray paint here and there, but still useable.
What do you guys think at a price of $200 for both pieces?
to get them both new would cost me every bit of $400 at the cheapest place I found them.
What do ya think?
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After I blasted the powder coating off the sway bar before painting it, I noticed small hair line cracks in the welds that connect the mounting tabs to the tubular steel.. So, I had my brother reinforce the welds with a nice thick bead... it looked 100 times better and I doubt it will ever break in those areas.
It works great and it is a very noticable improvement...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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