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TRDSparks Auto Door Light

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Scion available soon

I really wanna try these when they'll be available!
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Shows for sale on the site.. ? ...
it looks like they are available to order now. I'm just curious on how and where do these install at on the door
The picture on the little orange box in the center looks like a hole-saw. I'm guessing you cut holes in the bottom of the door. I'm surprised Sparks doesn't have the installation instructions posted yet.
Im sure the install instructions will show up soon and that if you email them they'd know. Ive always had great experience with them.
I guess it would sounds like this
- Disconnect battery
- remove door panels
- Install template
- Drill a HUGE :eek: :eek: hole in your doors
- Install lamp and seal the holes
- Wire as the door sills
- Reconnect battery and test
- Re-install everything
- Enjoy :D

(That's the way i would do it :book:)
Now the question is how good will this actually light up and be visible on the ground.... I would hate to drill my door and then this thing be crappy
You could always buy it and run a temporary power wire to light it up. Hold it at the level of the bottom of your door to check light output. If you don't like it you could still send it back since it wasn't installed and there are no extra holes in your xB.
You can see what it looks like here! More expensive 'tho! TRDSparks ftw :)
**** that is some bad engrish on that ebay listing, I am looking at this thing and saying to myself, this is kinda awesome, yet... I am not sure about it, drilling that big of a hole in the bottom of my doors granted it will get sealed up, but I still don't want to do that.
F that! I can't see cutting a hole on the bottom of my door just for that. Sorry but i'll pass.
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