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Trunk for a Trunk

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I'm thinking of getting this:
Tractor Supply Co. 44 in. Chest Toolbox - 1090993 | Tractor Supply Company

Or possibly:
Tractor Supply Co. Mid-Size Single Lid Tool Box, Silver - 1091436 | Tractor Supply Company

The metal one WILL fit.
On the poly one, I need to measure the bottom to make sure it actually fits the 38" between the wells on the floor.

I got their cheaper one on sale ($20), and LOVE it, though it's a bit short (32"). I LOVE it, but it really isn't a well made. I'm thinking a better made one would be worth it.

Thought I'd share . . .

(These could ALSO be a pretty interesting "box" for speakers.)
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These are less than 30 pounds empty. The other weight is whatever is inside. Those fit pretty snuggly behind the rear seat, when up. (They are truck boxes, technically truck chests. just ones that would fit behind the rear seat when up.
The "advantage" would be to be able to quickly REMOVE weight for a trip and to take you stuff you generally use daily, while not when you "take off" somewhere. It keeps all your crap together and in one place, rather than scattered everywhere.

My original intent was to carry kid-related stuff that remains in the vehicle and also to be able to use it to quickly "unload" said stuff when not needed. That is what I use the smaller one for.
Plus, they add to the "Industrial" part of "Industrial SportsBox," while still being removable for I want to use the "SportsBox" part and zip along a mountain twisty.
(end edit)

Plus, these may be lighter options than some of the speaker boxes I've seen people make. Wood gets heavy QUICK!

Just sharing something I was looking at as one idea/option . . .
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Oh, and I FULLY understand the weight issue.
Coming to xBs from sports cars, weight is everything in performance. On top of that, I'm a fan of classic Lotus cars, where weight is the enemy (even to the expense of reliability of Lotus cars . . . esp. their race cars).

My rims were even chose LARGELY on weight (under 14 pounds each- a savings of 6-8 unsprung pounds over the steelies- depending on whose weight measurements of 20-22 pounds you believe/use).

I DO use the xB as a "sports car" when in the appropriate areas . . .
Hence the "SportsBox" idea . . .
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