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Trunk for a Trunk

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I'm thinking of getting this:
Tractor Supply Co. 44 in. Chest Toolbox - 1090993 | Tractor Supply Company

Or possibly:
Tractor Supply Co. Mid-Size Single Lid Tool Box, Silver - 1091436 | Tractor Supply Company

The metal one WILL fit.
On the poly one, I need to measure the bottom to make sure it actually fits the 38" between the wells on the floor.

I got their cheaper one on sale ($20), and LOVE it, though it's a bit short (32"). I LOVE it, but it really isn't a well made. I'm thinking a better made one would be worth it.

Thought I'd share . . .

(These could ALSO be a pretty interesting "box" for speakers.)
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I think that the black plastic box is lighter, blends in with interior and hides better thru window. The sliver one/steel/aluminum is better on the outside of the vehicles, Plus the sharp corners are tough on interiors.
Heat guns will help do a little form fitting on the plastic.
I have a Tracker 75 that I put on a hitch carrier from time to time. If it was exterior mounted one your car I could see the silver one though
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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