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Trunk for a Trunk

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I'm thinking of getting this:
Tractor Supply Co. 44 in. Chest Toolbox - 1090993 | Tractor Supply Company

Or possibly:
Tractor Supply Co. Mid-Size Single Lid Tool Box, Silver - 1091436 | Tractor Supply Company

The metal one WILL fit.
On the poly one, I need to measure the bottom to make sure it actually fits the 38" between the wells on the floor.

I got their cheaper one on sale ($20), and LOVE it, though it's a bit short (32"). I LOVE it, but it really isn't a well made. I'm thinking a better made one would be worth it.

Thought I'd share . . .

(These could ALSO be a pretty interesting "box" for speakers.)
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Tool box in the back

I read your post and that brought to mind of a box in a pickup truck.The only problem I thought of is that in the xB it needs to be strapped down.If not, it will come at you if you hit the brakes with deadly force.I'm not shure that the "D" rings in each corner of the cargo area are going to strong enough to hold it back,and if you don't use the contents of the box on a regular basis it will add a lot of weight therefore killing your gas mileage.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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