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Tuning after headers being installed?

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If I get headers installed, will my car need to be tuned?
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Thats a good question I would like to know also,and will it pass inspection?
you don't need to tune it.

you're not inhaling but exhaling with the headers.

tuning is required when more air is inhaled to have the proper mix with fuel.

as far as passing inspection, you will not.
so should I have tuned, after my CAI install?
Well then screw it, if it won't pass emissions then I don't want to deal with it. As for the CIA I don't think you have to. If I'm correct the XB computer will since the increase in air flow and measure that. I haven't had problems with mine.
buy one......and when it's time for testing emissions put the stock back on. no biggie. easy install as well.

so should I have tuned, after my CAI install?
haha. you are funny.
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