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Turbo's by World Motorsports

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New Turbo systems are now being offered by Sparks Scion for the 2007-2010 tC's and the 2008-2010 xB's.

DESCENDANT, the signature line of high quality racing and performance parts designed by Christian Rado of WORLD-Racing has released to the public their 2008-2010 xB and 2007-2010 tC turbocharger kits. These turbo solutions are powered by an exclusive Bulls Eye Power turbocharger that can create over 330 horsepower for any daily driver application. Made here in the USA, all DESCENDANT turbo kits include a race inspired tubular stainless steel turbo manifold, light weight mandrel bent aluminum piping and a front mount intercooler which all carry a lifetime warranty. All the components and hardware used in this kit have been designed for a perfect direct fit, requiring no fabrication or cutting for installation. For those that want to use their own fuel and engine management we can offer you the "tuner friendly" version.

Scion xB Turbocharger Kit

Tuner Friendly Turbocharger Kit includes:
DESCENDANT Tuner Friendly Turbocharger kit
DESCENDANT S.S. Turbo Manifold
DESCENDANT Aluminum Intercooler Tubing Kit
DESCENDANT Side Mount Intercooler
DESCENDANT o2 housing
BullsEye Power Turbo

Check us out at :eek:
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Direct link:
Cost listed as $4000 and "change."

I REALLY want that! I wonder how to justify it w/ the wife . . .
I'm sure I'll cross the 50,000 mile warranty before too long (@ 32,000 since June 08), so I'll need to start saving up!
32000 already? im only at 11700 since may 08!
I already have 20k on my 09!!! I would love this, but honestly, I wouldnt be able to justify trying to make this box go super fast.
I've got 37k since Sept 08! I'm ready for this but just made a large purchase so its going to have to wait for a little bit now.

This sale has been extended to 12/30/09.

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