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Underneath the Back Seat ????

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So there are molded plastic "shelf-like" spaces underneath the back seat that look like they were specifically made for something????? But what??!!???

Anybody figured out a way to utilize this interesting little space? Maybe there's something available already??? It's been driving me nuts ever since I found them.

Just wondering..... :dontgetit:
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i use them to store my sunshades

which say honda on them...
which i got for free...
at a career fair...
I have some shirts for the wife, hats and cd holder.
the first time i noticed them i thought 'wow what a smart idea!' i'm sure you'll find some use for them eventually, it's a great way to keep stuff off the floor and away from being kicked.

afterthought: maybe you could wire up some leds to the back of them...
I love that area. I used it to store stuff that I don;t want rolling around on the floor or being sat on. Right now it stores the antenna wire for my xm radio when I am not using it.
I have the xB manual under there since the glove box is filled w/ cds.
in my car there is always a rain coat and a change of clothes under there. I work outside a lot in the summer so you never know when you will need it.
I keep a small phone book and the first aid kit thingy and my ice scraper. Which I will put away now since we might not get any more snow for a while. :rofl:
I haven't stored anything under there since that area tends to collect dirt and bits of gravel and whatnot from my young kids climbing into the back seats.

But now that I think about it, I was recently wondering where I could store a "map book" of the city (the glove box is too small). Under the rear seats is probably the perfect place! :lol:
All great ideas. No wonder I like this site so much :)
come to think of it i havent used that space at all. i guess it might be because i rarely have any passengers in the back seat. but i guess now you guys got me think of something to put there.
duh... I just pulled that zippered Scion first aid/owner manual book out of my glove box and put underneath the back seat and guess what??? My glove box is now something I can use. :)
i keep an insulated CD case that holds 40-50 cds on one side and miscellaneous junk in the other ;)
Sovereign said:
afterthought: maybe you could wire up some leds to the back of them...
That sounds like a potential mod to me!! :yes:
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