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Unichip Performance Computer

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So I have been reading up on this chip (Unichip Performance Computer):

The only real good thread I have found is this one on scion life:

Anyone have any idea if it is really worth it. $200 or something wouldn't be to bad but $500 is a pretty penny out of your bank account. So if anyone has it installed please tell me the gains you got. I would love to know, I know a chip on a n/a car may not be much but I would like to see dyno charts and personal preference on how the car drives.

Thanks ;)
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Its not a xB but, I've had one installed on my 03 Matrix for about 3 years now. I havent had any problems with it. The install was very simple and the directions are very well illustrated. I have a Weapon R secret weapon intake, DC header, and a Invidia exhaust. I havent dyno'd it but it definetly seems peppier and I think I gained a little in the way of mpg, (but that never really concerned me too much).

I actually ran into my first problem and it was because of something I did. I ran 87 octane and one the first real cold day (0) it had a rough idle. But once I got going, no trouble. So I'll have to run 89 when I gets really cold out.

I will definetly be getting one again for my xB once I get some mods done.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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