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Vancouver Island - Canadian Girl!

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Hey there!
Bought a 2013 10series xB in September with a 5 speed; had the TRD lowering springs put in, rear spoiler and anti-sway bar.. so far I love it and I can't wait to start customizing it (as much as my warranty will allow for...)
Basically I'm here for ideas and experiences with different wheels, stereos, and exterior mods.. I'm thinking about ordering the JL box/sub that fits in the back, does anyone have any experience with these?
Also want to up my wheel size, the wheel wells are huge so I'm curious if 18s will fill them or if im better off going to 19s?? Would love some feedback... thanks!
Oh, the name's Jenn!
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The weather here is starting to look up. We got an ice storm / slush storm a couple days ago but its supposed to hit 60 on Friday and stay near the 50s for the upcoming week.

If all goes well I'm getting a new bike on Thursday :D

Look at the bright side, it's March now so the warm weather IS coming.
Bike sounds fun! I have a need for speed so I avoid them... I like my license too much. What kind of bike??

Im definitely looking forward to some warmer weather. Even just dry
This one is a 2007 Ninja 500. I use mine for commuting so I was looking for one that had a good mix of mileage and power for the highway portion of my daily trip but also with good ergonomics.

My first bike was a Nighthawk 250 and full throttle on a warm day down hill with a back wind I could hit 75. It just sort of literally fell apart but I only had like $800 in it so I sold it. It saved me more than that in gas.

My second bike was an FZR600R, it never ran right and i'm pretty sure it was cursed. Her name was Candy and she was a *****. On the days it did run right though it was pretty sweet.

I never actually went to get my permit or license for a bike but never did get pulled over either, of course most of my riding was in the winter so it may have been a mix of luck, cops didn't want to get cold, and they just didn't want to mess with pulling a bike over. They really aren't bad you just have to have a bit of control, 75mph feels like 50 or even lower on the supersports. I was talking to a friend (i guess) who is a cop and he says he usually just leaves them alone because if they decide to ride off there's no way for him to catch them anyway.

Saves mountains in gas and insurance though, even my FZR was only like $10 a month to insure and it was quite "entertaining" to say the least.
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