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Vancouver Island - Canadian Girl!

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Hey there!
Bought a 2013 10series xB in September with a 5 speed; had the TRD lowering springs put in, rear spoiler and anti-sway bar.. so far I love it and I can't wait to start customizing it (as much as my warranty will allow for...)
Basically I'm here for ideas and experiences with different wheels, stereos, and exterior mods.. I'm thinking about ordering the JL box/sub that fits in the back, does anyone have any experience with these?
Also want to up my wheel size, the wheel wells are huge so I'm curious if 18s will fill them or if im better off going to 19s?? Would love some feedback... thanks!
Oh, the name's Jenn!
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Hey Jenn, awesome ride and nice pics! First 10 series on here maybe? Wow, I thought that was solar on the shifter.

My wife and I were roaming around the Olympic Peninsula in February so we saw your island across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We had a great time, love the area.

About your wheels question, of course most people get the wheel/tire combo that comes out to roughly the same diameter. For cutting some wheel well gap, lowering springs are used, but I see you have TRDs already there. Maybe Tanabe DF210s would be tighter?

Hey by the way, what size wheels are those? They look like the shape of the 16s, but different color so maybe 16?
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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