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Vinyl Wrapping -Back Hatch

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I have wrapped my hood in carbon fiber vinyl, going to attempt the front grille area once it warms up. My question is has anyone wrapped the back hatch and what do you think it would look like?
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Have you dipped your car in photoshop? I do mine all the time for pretty much anything, even if someone has already done it it never looks the same. That said I know I've seen someones profile pic has a color on their hatch, blue with matte black is what it looks like in the thumbnail. It's all matte except the handle part thats the same color as the car. Kinda neat on that color but my car is white and I don't think it would look the same.
I was thinking about doing that, I want to change up my decals as well. doing my first car show in June and want to get as much done as I can.
hey mate i think you should give it a go, at the end of the day if it doesnt come out the way you thought it would peel it off, thats the great thing about automotive vinyl, very versatile.. i got my rear done in camo in my main thread if you want a look, its up to you man.. your own style.
Is you search wrap cf I have a thread, I would post the link but I am on mobile.

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I like that I can take it off, I am way to picky. I did my hood 3 times before I got it right. Andrew I will try and find that and check it out.
Andrew I found it and it looks great, any trouble doing it?
Yea the hard part was getting the curve of the plate area that one was a separate piece. Make sure you remove the hatch handle and wrap that with another piece and shaved off the xb badge. The Scion emblem was time consuming, just have to be patient and steady. Other than that everything was cut and tucking in and folding over. I had to redo it first time sucked haha.

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To make it easier you might as well just pull the hatch so you can work on a flat surface. It's pretty easy to do so, I've had mine off a couple times when I was building the sub enclosure for it and the hatch is a lot lighter than you would think so it's not hard to move around.
thanks for the advice guys. I am up in Duluth Minnesota, it gets cold so not sure if it is a good idea to do.
It's actually easier vertically. Just prop it open with a football or something so you can get to the bottom edge easier. For the license plate recess, get the top of the trunk and both sides stuck first, and just stick an inch or so along the bottom edge. Then heat up the recess area and use the heel of your palm to work the lower corners in. Try to get it in in one motion. Then work in the bottom edge, then the sides. Once that's done, work the flat part pushing the air to the holes. If you mess up, just pull it back up, heat it back to shape, then try again. Once you have the recess done you can finish the lower section.

Hope that helps.

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