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VSC & Trac lights

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I'm looking at a car for my daughter on CL (since I didn't have time to bid on the SEMA xB on eBay :p ). It is an 09 Corolla S. I asked if it has Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control since apparently those were optional that year. The lady has no idea what they are let alone if they're on the car.

Should I tell her to look for the lights on the dash when she turns on the key? What do the lights look like in an 09 Corolla and where exactly are they - does anyone know?

If she gives me the VIN do you think my local dealership would look the car up for me? That should pull up every detail of the car, right?

It's at least 1-1/2 hours from me so it wouldn't be convenient for me to pop over and take a look.
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the VSC and the trac control lights should be on the upper right side of the display. should look exactly like the lights on the xB. my dad has a 2010 corolla s and that's how it looks. Hope this helps
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