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Ok for those of you who care :)

My woody isn’t dead!! (Gosh I love Viagra ha-ha get it)

No seriously though even though I tossed my initial woody idea because I was having 2nd thoughts about a giant vinyl graphic I’ve decided to keep the theme alive sort of....


Exterior mods as of now from bottom to top:

Painted steelies, chrome lug nuts and painted center caps wrapped with.....

White wall tires (I’m really thinking hard about them but that price is still steep)......

Possible shark fin side exhaust (idea in the works) running from the trd setup and rocking the mooneyes exhaust tip.....

Stickers!! Like the old woodys had, but not around my back window..around the external side of my "c" pillar as magnets like TJ has....(there removable if I decide to sell more car and they wont be in my way)

Pin Stripe on the hood (Im going vinyl rather then hand painted because of cost and I can remove it if I want to sell it)

Tinted windows....

Front Visor ala the gangster kit from scionpro

Roof rack toped with surfboard

The outside will be simple the inside is where its at :)

All weather weathtech floor mats

My neoprene seat covers :)

Wood cargo bay floor cover (removable for daily use)

Wood accents through the car

Wood shift knob ala KC :)

Wood ribs (Say what?!) evenly spaced wood "ribs" that will run across my headliner like the old woodys had

Wood surfboard mirror

Custom gauges..maybe some type of surf theme...

More latter: what do you guys think?

TJ I need help with names brah!

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Sounds interesting!

I like that it is reversible . . .
(BUT, that is just me, I don't like "leading up" with many coats of paint unless one HAS to do so.)

The tape pinstripe sound interesting, just remember that it might not last . . .
I've had problems with the pinstripe tape long term.

As for the roof, remember that the headliner is just fabric on a hard foam. I'd put the brackets on the floor/seatbacks (possibly).
Idea: a rear floor cover that is body color and LOOKS metal (fiberglass of the like?) with wood slats. I'd also put it on the rear seatbacks too.

I STILL think a nautical blue, wood, light blue, and orange color palette could be breathtaking.

Glad to see you are KEEPING and USING the seat covers!

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Thanks gal/guys.

I thought long and hard about the pin stripping. Its just more cost effective ($50, over $200) and it does have a 5 year warenty so if it does peel I get free fixes. My 94 accord has p.s and it looks just fine.

Hard foam eh hmm Ill have to look at that more clearly. Right now Im just working on the outside while its warm.

So TJ when you made your sticker/magnets did you just stick them magnetic sheets and cut around the sticker? What brand/stuff did you use?
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