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Weapon R + S-Pipe + Strup cat back

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so i bought a weapon r header plus the s pipe and cel thing. also a strup cat back( 790$ shipped) as soon as i get them i will post pics and pics of installing them. also i will dyno it after! then i will get the unichip and dyno that to see any improvments!! so far all i have is a Tenzo R intake.
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dec 2nd on the SA meet (if work permits)'ll see my set up JRINCON17. a little different.

Weapon R SRI
Weapon R 4-2-1 header & s-pipe
Tsudo dual exhaust
got a video/sound clip of how that sounds?
dude, you might want to stay away from using zip ties to hold up items that heat up haha. You're buts dude.
1 - 4 of 37 Posts
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