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Weapon R + S-Pipe + Strup cat back

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so i bought a weapon r header plus the s pipe and cel thing. also a strup cat back( 790$ shipped) as soon as i get them i will post pics and pics of installing them. also i will dyno it after! then i will get the unichip and dyno that to see any improvments!! so far all i have is a Tenzo R intake.
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got the parts yesterday!! super nice looking. will try and get pics up!!
i know!!. the welds are pretty nice to. i have seen much worse tig welds on ebay stuff.:biggrin:
well i tried to install it all at once but ran out of time. i got the strup cat back on but i could not get all the bolts off the header. i got them all but the lower one next to the alt. ill try ahain next week when i have more time and better tools. here are some pics

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THANKS FOR THE INFO! i shall try agin later with the right tools
the strup cat back was easy if the car is jacked up some. still trying to get time to install the heder and s pipe. if i can get that stupid bolt out then i looks pretty easy. and it was all 780 from wesellcarparts. com i thik
got it all installed! heres some pics. took 2 hours lol in my garage with no power and a flash light. the spare tire jack is my best friend cuz i dont have a floor jack. plus it was about 30F out side lol

out with the old and in with the new. has weapon r cel elbow

inside the frist cat...

are those my valves? lol
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hoping to get a dyno here soon.
it feels faster but that could just be me thinking it lol. so far no CEL
here it is after a day of driving. its hitting somthing and making alot of nois so im trying to fix that now. i tihnk its the weapon r cel thing thats hitting the drive shaft. i just have to twist it abit. and the whole system is help by zip ties that keep breaking lol
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no lol but i might now! i got all my hanger on. what a pita! ill post pics of it later
yea i know lol thats all i had. but the new hangers are one. 97 cents each. there meant for a honda cr-v but they work!!
well i went to the dyno today.

148 whp
154 tq

and i do have the auto tranny.
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