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Weekend projects. How do they look??

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So this weekend I have relocated the plate, painted engine cover, fuse cover, tie down and radiator cover. How does it look?? Please excuse the rest of the dirt. Need to clean it.. Bad

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My only provisio:
I'd make a distinction between "cheap" and "creative."

Cheap: Going to parts store or Wal-Mart (or similar) and buying a bunch of off-the-self stick-ons and sticking them w/ no real plan or visual scheme. This is the main mark of "Rice" (Asian brands) or "Potato" (American brands) modifications. Really, expensive parts can be made to look "cheap" too, if done poorly.

Creative: Using or modifying parts in unusually and "cool" ways, esp. to get a look that isn't available off-the-shelf.
My upper grill-

This is this part, painted black- to match the plastic lower grill:

Personal opinion:
Creative mods are ALWAYS better! Those could either be something "homemade," part altered, or great use of a straight aftermarket part.
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Chaotic_Duality's grill looks wonderful w/ the silver touches.
Once, I had a similar one on my Miata, but the pattern looks MUCH better on an xb . . .
You need to remove the nut on the wiper (under the plastic cap covering the pivot). After it is off, the wiper arm comes off easily- leaving a "post" sticking out. Next you need to open the hatch. Then, remove the plastic panel on the inside.
That will expose all the bolts, the motor, and all the related mechanisms. Unbolt the necessary bolts, unclip the electrical connectors, and so forth. Then, remove the motor to reduce weight (secondary benefit) and to allow a smooth exterior (once capped).

Lastly, you'll need the cap to cap the resulting hole . . .

I've not done it yet on mine . . .
But was thinking to doing it tomorrow, as it is easily reversible.
Oh . . .
And related directly to the main thread . . .
Looks REAL good on your ISB!
(My term for the xB2-> short for "Industrial SportsBox" and it applies to all xB2s.)
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