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Weekend projects. How do they look??

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So this weekend I have relocated the plate, painted engine cover, fuse cover, tie down and radiator cover. How does it look?? Please excuse the rest of the dirt. Need to clean it.. Bad

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I like it..a lot! In fact, I might even copy it. My grills are brushed aluminum, so I'm staying with the matte, gunmetal type trim and I think painting my engine cover, etc. will look great. Hubby even says he has paint called "aluminum" that will work. Thanks for posting.
:yucky: Don't even get me started about the stick-on vents and chrome crap. It's a huge fad here, like the 24" to 30" wheels on strange vehicles. No stick-ons that don't have a purpose. And ricer is a nice word for it. This morning, on our way to breakfast, we saw a totally beat up, old Honda with a wing...a huge wing that wasn't even the same color of the car. I am amazed.

Chaotic_Duality, along with many of the others here, has given great ideas for "inexpensive" mods that work. Thanks again.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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