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Weekend projects. How do they look??

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So this weekend I have relocated the plate, painted engine cover, fuse cover, tie down and radiator cover. How does it look?? Please excuse the rest of the dirt. Need to clean it.. Bad

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yeah i want to do the headlights and taillights and signals. i think the only light ill leave alone is the reverse light. i want the outside of the xB to be solid black. i think it would look real good
Blacked out headlights would look really good! Take some pictures and keep us informed on how they perform at night.
That would look cool! I wanted mine black too, but I bought the black Anzo lights, which the lens is still clear, but the background is black. I got the look I was looking for without the light output suffering.
those side markers look great! i wanted to do that but i was wondering... how is the light output?
looking good on them smoked side markers. good job!
hey thanks yeah im gonna try and find the best way possible to keep my headlights as bright as possible. and the side markers work great at night still because the tint isnt so dark you cant see anything but during the day time they are really dim. im gonna try and see if brighter bulbs maybe help out at all.
I did have to replace my turn signal LED's to get them to work better with the tint. Highly recommended!
thanks for the rebuilding my interior right now but as soon as i finish ill replace the bulbs. :)
Kingbuger your signature is the greatest.
Sweeet ride i love small cheap projects those are the best! That's when your crativity comes in play! And also nice side markers....I plan on Painting mine amber but I have not been touching my ride. I am preparing for a up coming deployment! But now I that I have time I will be posting more pics of the new mods I will be doing!
So my weekend project was a total cost of about 0.46$. i just deleted the rear wiper. looks so nice and real cheap.
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Did you just yank out the rear wiper? It goes back in doesn't it? Looks good, btw.
You need to remove the nut on the wiper (under the plastic cap covering the pivot). After it is off, the wiper arm comes off easily- leaving a "post" sticking out. Next you need to open the hatch. Then, remove the plastic panel on the inside.
That will expose all the bolts, the motor, and all the related mechanisms. Unbolt the necessary bolts, unclip the electrical connectors, and so forth. Then, remove the motor to reduce weight (secondary benefit) and to allow a smooth exterior (once capped).

Lastly, you'll need the cap to cap the resulting hole . . .

I've not done it yet on mine . . .
But was thinking to doing it tomorrow, as it is easily reversible.
Oh . . .
And related directly to the main thread . . .
Looks REAL good on your ISB!
(My term for the xB2-> short for "Industrial SportsBox" and it applies to all xB2s.)
yeah this is probably the easiest mod you can do on the xB. it took me a total time of about 5 minutes and if you dont like it it takes about five minutes to reverse it. the plug is just a 1" plastic plug i got a ACE Hardware. and then i used some black automotive silicone to seal the edges of it to make it waterproof. and i love the look a lot more without the rear wiper.
so this weekend i got the taillight tint kit from rvinyl and im pretty happy with the way it turned out.
. since tintint the lights is very illegal where i live i decided to use these since they still let some red show thru and the cops dont seem to pay attention to it at all. so that helps not get any more fix it tickets than i already do.:)
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Changed out the license plate bulbs to some led's. looks real clean
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Where'd you get those bulbs? I've been meaning to do that ever since I got HID's.
i found them on ebay...they were about $10 with free shipping. they have a ton on there and i got them the day after i bought them.
got a link?
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