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Well, we rented, and, here is my thoughts.

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Well here is the one we rented:

So, we picked it up Friday night from Elk Grove Toyota, and we started our trip Saturday morning at 8:30 am, our trip was from Stockton, CA to Mendocino, CA .............I5 to HWY 12 to I80 to HWY 37 up HWY 101 through Petaluma, then up Hwy 1, then we headed back and stayed the night in Gualala, CA, and then headed home today (Sunday)

My wife and I right now have a 04' Chevy Malibu MAXX with a V6, so we were expecting to see a decrease in performance in the "get up and go" but to our surprise, there was none, this little thing really scoots, and has plenty or power!! Handling is GREAT!! it hugs the corners like we didn't believe, and with ease, we were both very impressed. There is a LOT more room (side to side) than there is in our Malibu, and leg room is about the same, in the back there it more room in the Scion than there is in our Malibu. Cargo are is a little lacking, but not too bad, we were able to fit what we needed back there, and if needed, the seats do lay down.

The road noise was a little over powering at times, but nothing a little dynamat can't fix :D and it can be quite bumpy at times

We averaged 27-28 MPG for the whole trip, on the way home, on HWY 12 @ 60 MPH we were getting 33-34 MPG, when we got back on HWY 99 coming home, I reset the MPG again, and we were averaging 31-32 @ 70MPH

I am 6'2" and ran into a little blind spot with the rear view mirror in the front, and the center back head rest I could do without. but I had PLENTY of head room, I would say I had about 6-7" above my head. Getting in and out is VERY easy compared to our Malibu

My wife is 5'2" and she had some problems with reaching the AC controls around the shifter, and she complained about some blind spots from the rear quarter panels.

The stereo, was a Pioneer so I wouldn't expect anything but great, I brought along some MP3 discs just in case it played MP3's and sure enough it did!!! When we arrived at our destination, I noticed that there was an AUX cover, I plopped it open and low and behold there was a mini jack there :mad: so now I was wondering if my MP3 player would work on it, so as soon as I got home, I run in, grab my Sandisc Sansa MP3 player, and cord, and back out to the XB I go, plug in into the jack, turn on the key push the AUX button on the Pioneer and "AUX" flashes across the screen. WOOHOO!!! :D so I push play on the Sansa, and I start hearing my tunes, this is GREAT!! A+ on this one SCION!!

Now if we could have only figured out how to turn of that stupid speed sensitive loudness on the Pioneer, that is SO annoying!!! My guess is that is another manual.

All in all this is a GREAT little car, and we have decided that this WILL be our replacement for our Malibu.
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Welcome to the xB family, glad you like it, as we all do here :)

As for your stereo system, I only have the base stereo system, but to turn loudness-adjusted-volume-setting (called ASL), I have to scroll through settings BAS, TRE, FAD, BAL... to get to ASL. Turn that to low and you are set.

I had experience driving a 06 Chevy Impala and wasn't that impressed at how much I have to press down the gas pedal for it to accelerate.

What colors are you looking at? :)
We are REALLY looking at silver, although now that we drove the white..............I dunno.....LOL and we would REALLY like to see the nautica blue, but no one has any in stock. :(
I've come to the conclusion that the xB looks great in all the colors available. I've seen black, teal, and silvers on the road (not including my own silver) and they've looked great. Good luck finding a blue one!
My dealer had like 4 blue in stock!(I think he said we could have any color as long as it was in blue) which we would have purchased if it didn't have the spoiler and a bunch of other garbage installed in it already.

I have '00 GMC Jimmy/Blazer in blue, when I pulled the Scion up to it they were almost identical in color. Hope that helps in color comparison.
Well I FINALLY saw the blue today driving down the street, but it didn't look like it had any metallic in it, which I thought it did, that turned me off to it, I really didn't like it. I guess it will be silver
idbl_fanatic said:
Well I FINALLY saw the blue today driving down the street, but it didn't look like it had any metallic in it, which I thought it did, that turned me off to it, I really didn't like it. I guess it will be silver
I've been told that the NBM has more depth to it than the Indigo Ink Pearl, which was the color of my tC... I disagree. It does seem to have less metallic, and maybe that's why it's not a "pearl" but I still like it, though it can seem pretty dull if dusty. Once clean, and especially under a parking lot light at night, for example, it looks like the color changes from a real blue to a deep blue to maybe even purple...
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