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if straight water, it is related to the a/c system (not sure how our system is plumbed behind the dash). That would be because the water is actually condensation (the cold makes the moisture in the air condense on it-like that "sweat" on a soda can). The condensation is collected by tubes and then to a collection tank. From there, it drains out to the vehicle exterior (what makes the wet shot under the vehicle when parked after running the A/C.
If water, something in the a/c drainage system is loose or cracked. If a tube popped off, it is a matter of reconnecting it. If something is cracked, it can get more complicated . . .
OR, a tube is clogged and behind it backed up.

If smells "odd" (that sweet/pungent antifreeze smell), it is the heater system related. The heater works by a valve opening or closing the engine coolant to flow through a heater core (like the old steam radiators worked). Then air is ducted to blow through the heater core, heat up, then blow into the interior. The heat itself comes from the engine heat, which is why it doesn't get hot till the engine warms up.
If coolant, I'd suspect either a loose hose or a cracked core. As you don't use the heater, it might be a slow leak.

I'm thinking between the 2, it is probably water (no complaint of smell). As you run the a/c a lot, it is likely a loose or clogged hose.
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