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Maytag said:
G-Volt said:
Yep, they're the same clear film pieces that I have added to the entire front of my car. sells it, but it can be had cheaper also.
Did you have that installed, or did you do it yourself?
I had a place called ACAP films install it for me. I love the stuff. No chips yet, and It makes cleaning off bugs and whatnot an easy chore.
I drive mostly on the freeway and frequently make long drive trips.
CA -> Vegas
SoCal -> NorCal
By the time I'm done driving, all those bugs have dried and pretty much stuck to the car.

You mentioned that this product makes cleaning them off an easy chore. How easy is it? Just windex and papertowel will do the trick?

Also, how much did you pay for the film and the install?
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