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What have you stuffed into....

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.. the back end of your xB?

Bought a dryer the other day. It arrived at the store while my wife was at the shore with the van, so I gave it a shot. Fit no problem, with the seats down.
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I do kite programs on my time off. I went to Austin Texas and loaded it up to the roof. I had a pop up shelter and a couple of chairs and then came the big stuff. I had 30 poles that are 1/12 inches by 38 inches and six or seven kite bags. I know it does not seem like a lot until you find out that my big kite is 90 feet long in the shape of an inflatable gecko. The bags are about 40 inches long and 24 inches across and full of kites they are about 50-70 pounds each. Add my bag of clothes and camera and snacks and the cooler and you have a huge load. My 2nd vehicle is a Silverado pickup and the back seat will hold 4 of the bags and one or two in the front seat. I will have to find the picture of all the stuff stacked outside of the vehicle. I remember filling the back half of two parking spaces whenI unloaded. That was the reason I bought the XB. IT was the only one with the room and fuel economy in not to mention the price range. The Honda was second but not worth the extra money for things I did not like.
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