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What is your favorite feature on your 2nd gen xB?

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for me it is the S-mode sequential shift on the automatic transmission - i really like being able to manually shift w/o a clutch when i want to. it really utilizes the engines power better when a boost of speed is needed or wanted :D

it is also great for hill / mountain driving as it will help to use the engine to keep the vehicle in control on steep grades [up or down] by being in the proper gear...
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I thought my answer would be too generic... I mostly like the uniqueness.

I didn't necessarily choose to give up my tC. I suppose I didn't have to, but I didn't want to try and fit a car seat in the back of that. So, the size is a vast improvement in that regard. When it came time to replace the tC, I assumed I would do so w/ a Camry. We ended up w/ both an xB and the Camry. Since I'm a huge fan of Scion now, it was only natural which one I ended up with and, of course, I have no complaints. And I'll like it that much more once I get it lowered and get new wheels/tires. It's definitely unique as-is and allows me the flexibility to do what I want to make it even more unique. :)
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