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What is your favorite feature on your 2nd gen xB?

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for me it is the S-mode sequential shift on the automatic transmission - i really like being able to manually shift w/o a clutch when i want to. it really utilizes the engines power better when a boost of speed is needed or wanted :D

it is also great for hill / mountain driving as it will help to use the engine to keep the vehicle in control on steep grades [up or down] by being in the proper gear...
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i see 16 people have read this so far, are you all having a hard time deciding what you like best, or what? :rolleyes:
eviljack said:
Well no, its just that I don't have one yet so I really don't know.
hey, no problem eviljack - are you planning on getting one soon?
Goldtouch said:
1. the ability to do what i want with it. (yes there are a lot of aftermarket parts avail)
2. ******The rs 5.0******* limited edition
3. the stereo controls in the steering wheel.
4. the power it has for its size.
5. the looks i get when i ride past a group.
6. The inique shape.
7. the gas mileage.
8. It fits in the garage nicely with my motorcycle.
9. shopping for add ons
10.the way people stop and look at it in a paring lot.
11. the sunroof.

more to come, i really need to give this some thought..... :p
Nice list Goldtouch!

glad to see you are enjoying your xB as much as me!! :D
Goldtouch said:
OK here is part 2 of what I LOVE about my 2d Gen XB....

12. My daughter is mad cause it's cooler than her rabbit....
13. The way it hugs the road, especially on turns.
14. It's very photogenic.
15. The quick acceleration.
16. The way my new wheels look on it.
17. The questions I get when I'm near it in a parking lot
18. Its GOLD......
19. That I can talk about it for hours.
20. It has it's own website.
21. The great people on the web site.
22. That I'm not the only one thats crazy about it.
23. The way people look and point at it as I drive by.

I think thats enough for now... :rockon: :smartass:
#12 = funny stuff

#21 = 'nuff said
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