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What is your favorite feature on your 2nd gen xB?

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for me it is the S-mode sequential shift on the automatic transmission - i really like being able to manually shift w/o a clutch when i want to. it really utilizes the engines power better when a boost of speed is needed or wanted :D

it is also great for hill / mountain driving as it will help to use the engine to keep the vehicle in control on steep grades [up or down] by being in the proper gear...
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I had to have my chick-magent feature removed.. I'm a mairried spud :)

I really like how quite it rides.
The color, when I can actually get it clean, is quite beautiful. (Nautical Blue)
Very peppy motor. I figured out I can chirp the wheels the other day :)
The stereo, even the standard unit, is a lot better then my Beetle. I like the AUX port for listening to my Zen.
And the overall style of the car itself.
yanges said:
i see 16 people have read this so far, are you all having a hard time deciding what you like best, or what? :rolleyes:
GAA! Just noticed, after my own reply to this thread...

Read 241 times!!!!!
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