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What is your favorite feature on your 2nd gen xB?

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for me it is the S-mode sequential shift on the automatic transmission - i really like being able to manually shift w/o a clutch when i want to. it really utilizes the engines power better when a boost of speed is needed or wanted :D

it is also great for hill / mountain driving as it will help to use the engine to keep the vehicle in control on steep grades [up or down] by being in the proper gear...
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Standard iPod connectivity - I just load the music on my ipod and control everything from the dash and steering wheel. It's just like having a hard drive in the head unit.
eviljack said:
You know I was driving my xB home the other night and I stated to myself about something new I realized was one of my favorite things. However I just can't think of it right now. Something I would totally not have thought about if the driving conditions hadn't been just right.
Perhaps it was the James-Bond style ejection seat you came across when that assassin tried to whack you on the way home from a long hard day at work?
I got the 5yr warranty as well. Figured I'd want it covered for the length of my financing.
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