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What is your favorite feature on your 2nd gen xB?

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for me it is the S-mode sequential shift on the automatic transmission - i really like being able to manually shift w/o a clutch when i want to. it really utilizes the engines power better when a boost of speed is needed or wanted :D

it is also great for hill / mountain driving as it will help to use the engine to keep the vehicle in control on steep grades [up or down] by being in the proper gear...
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Ditto Timbecile Great to have you here! :yes:
Goldtouch said:
OK here is part 2 of what I LOVE about my 2d Gen XB....

12. My daughter is mad cause it's cooler than her rabbit....
13. The way it hugs the road, especially on turns.
14. It's very photogenic.
15. The quick acceleration.
16. The way my new wheels look on it.
17. The questions I get when I'm near it in a parking lot
18. Its GOLD......
19. That I can talk about it for hours.
20. It has it's own website.
21. The great people on the web site.
22. That I'm not the only one thats crazy about it.
23. The way people look and point at it as I drive by.

I think thats enough for now... :rockon: :smartass:
#12 = funny stuff

#21 = 'nuff said
Goldtouch said:
welcome Timbecile,

tell us about your ride!
I'm pretty pumped about it....(except I got my first parking ticket today :sick:)

I've had it for 3 days so far, and am still waiting for the Toyota people to call me to schedule my upgrades. anyone know how long I should wait to call THEM to schedule it?

anyhoo, so far I've only got the premium stereo and the 16" alloy rims, oh, and the overhead console. With the bazillions of aftermarket parts for this, it's only a matter of time before I start modifying it....I'm already thinking about the extra utility outlet mod I saw on this forum.

I got it in the hypnoticTeal. maybe not my most favorite color, but it looks sharp, and is a million times better than the silver my last two cars were.

I drove one of the limited edition RS? models. Great, fun ride, but a little too bling-y for my tastes...though I got to admit the lit door rails and cup holders are pimp.

Even though most car people recommend against it, I sprung for the extended warrantee. I've heard that Toyota has a great operational life, but I'm going to be putting at least 80 miles on a day. (The sales dude said they expected operation life of the xB was 400,000 miles. anyone have any experience with driving one that long?)

My fiance is already demanding to drive it every time we go somewhere....a sure sign that I did good!
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Upgrades: When I bought my XB they had to order the special sunroof I wanted. Ordered it on a Friday evening and picked it up this following Friday morning.

Add'l selling point: I read an article that had the XB in the top 10 automobiles for retaining value after 5 years!!!

Extended warranty: my wife made me get it. In 2005 we bought her a 1999 Porsche 911 with 62,000 miles and bought the ext. warranty. About 8,000 miles later the engine blew. They had to pull it, send it to Porsche, and it was totally rebuilt.. The bill was over $13,000 and it only cost us another $100. (runs like new by the way :naughty:)

You're gonna love your XB.
Timbecile said:
Even though most car people recommend against it, I sprung for the extended warrantee.
Me too. They talked me into it, but they didn't have to talk very hard. The 36m/36K for the bumper to bumper seemed pretty chinzy, so for an extra grand I now have peace of mind out to 72mo/75K for both comprehensive and powertrain. I justified the extra cost by the fact that the only option I bought was floor mats.
I got the 5yr warranty as well. Figured I'd want it covered for the length of my financing.
To get back to the question of the OP, my favorite feature has to be the spaciousness. I'm 6'2 and I still marvel at how roomy the car is. It is the first car I have ever owned where I don't feel cramped behind the wheel.
...and another thing. The sense of community. Both on the web (including this site, obviously) and out on the road. I have only had my xB for about 24 hours and already had my first experience of a "toot and a wave" from another xB driver (1st gen). My wife kind of groaned and said, "Wow, it's just like owning a Jeep" (I guess Jeep enthusiasts are known for giving each other the beep-n-wave on the road).

I thought to myself, "Well, maybe 'just like owning a Jeep' as far as the 'beep-n-wave' goes, but that's about where the similarity ends..."

I am LOVING this, and LOVING my xB!

It cooks toast!
Hum, favorite feature......would have to be the fact that I can see the huge numbers that tell how fast your moving from the passenger seat while my daughter is driving. Then I can say, "this IS a 25 zone". In the old car it had an old fashioned speedometer and from the passenger seat (if I could see it at all) I couldn't tell how fast she was driving. I'm sure she would say it's her LEAST favorite feature..... :rofl:
It just looks s-o-o-o-o cool.
Space AND drives SO GOOD!

All else is "cake" . . .

-I kinda like the StepVan looks, esp. combined with the sport car-esque handling! It is rather unexpected by most.
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