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What kind of tires do you have?

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My 08 came with Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, M & S, 205 55R 16, 89H rated.
They seem to grip well in dry or rainy weather (including moderate cornering).
The only complaint I have (and it may not be the fault of the tires as much as an absence of underneath sound-insulation) is that at highway speeds the tire/road noise is so bad that enjoying music on the CD isn't really possible.

What kind of tires did your xB come with?
What do you think of them?

If you got aftermarket tires...what kind and what do you think of their driving characteristics?

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ChuckWW said:
Bought mine Feb 08. It came with the Goodyears. Signicantly grippier than the "passenger car" tires I have bought in the past. I was kind of bummed by reviews for this tire on Tire Rack. On the other hand, the top rated ones must really be something. Anybody have experience? Are Tire Rack reviews accurate?
Once a tire model has dozens of reviews on Tire Rack, you can pretty well put stock in the review averages. But keep in mind that the real high end, high performance sticky tires are really only useful for thoswe who drive like they stole it everywhere they go, or have money to burn on those tires for track use.

As an autocrosser, I can vouch for several affordable tires that are also very good for at least dry performance. (Some are also good in the wet). I'd be happy with Yokohama Parada Spec II, Falken Azeni Sport, Kumho Ecsta MX, or Yokohama S-Drive. I am getting the S-Drives on my xB when it arrives next week (driving straight from dealer to wheel & tire guy to swap wheels & tires out). Largely because they are very comfy & quiet without giving up performance, PLUS they outlasted any other tire I ever drove on my MINI Cooper S.\

There's also a cheap Hankook model that some of my autocross buddies like to run, but I'll be dipped if I can think of which one it is right now.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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