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What springs for my rukus?

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Hey guys, i have been looking through various threads and been asking some fellow members and i have heard some good comments regarding the tanabe springs, mainly the nf210's and the df210's..

if some of you guys are running these esp with 19" wheels would you mind posting up some pics? im going towards the df210's for a lower stance but at the same time i don't want to have any issues with scrubbing, speedbumps etc, any input would be greatly appreciated. thanks. :flex:
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are you running 19s now? i run 17s on nf210 with no issues. i've read alot of guys running 18s on df210 with no issues. some guys running 19s go the coilover route. i'm pretty sure someone here will chirp-in running df210 w/19s.
yes im running 19s now, if i have to roll the guards in order to have these i think i would rather go the nf range, but obviously i want the lower stance lol
I went pedders on mine. $650 fitted.

They have a pict on website of its stance, plus i have mine in my hello thread
ill try find it also
that looks sex jrules, did you have to roll the guards and do you have any issues with scrubbing etc?, thanks mate! They look good with your 19s :)
There is rubbing when I hit good holes or make a turn to fast and no no rolling fenders nothin. I am goin to be upgrading my shocks to tokiko hp blues tho when the stock ones go out.. But for the most part I love the ride not bouncy and all... Oh!!! Make sure to cute ur bump stop in half when u hang the springs cuz if not ull bottom out faster
mmm, that's what i thought.. which is why i might have to go with the nf range, my e36 bmw used to scrub everywhere, i don't want the same issues with my new rukus, i basically want to get it as low as possible with no scrub
Ya nf would be the way to go from what I was told it levels the car out and it has a way better ride than stock....... Hey if u ever take ur rukus badge off let me know I'd love to take it off ur hands
Yeah, i might try the nf's they seem to be the go, im running 19's so hopefully they tie in most of the wheel gaps, as for the badge pm me.. can work something out

If you have to deal with speed bumps or curb entrances to parking lorts or driveways (or pot holes), then I suggest avoiding a deep drop (as in DF). Even a moderate drop (NF or my Eibach Prokit for example) requires a little care at times.
yeah, the road i take every day to work is a mess, ill buy the nf's and see how i go, i don't want to be on the floor, but enough to even it out and bring in the gaps.. this is it stock springs

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been looking on ebay at the nf springs, just for confirmation are the springs for 2008+ on the scion xb the same as 2012 ?.. ill have to purchase them off ebay just wanted to clarify thanks.
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