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What to do after this help me out

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So I got my new grill I'm pumped it's great I got my Trd intake it's awesome and now I'm trying figure out what to do next help me out guy should I do tail lights blacked out try and bake head lights nf Tanabe springs or what guys he'll me out
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when it comes to modding cars I like to do the major stuff first, your should I say the mods that make the most difference in your ride, whether it be looks, or performance.

your rs5 looks nice, always been my favorite rs xb. I'd say out of the things you listed springs is the best bet. suspension was my first mod on my xb2, day after i brought it home actually lol. Personally i would strongly advise not to black out the taillights. i think the oem tails SUCK. they're so oddly shaped when i detail my car, and the tint kind of fades. of course you can get it done professionally but spending around 200 on really nice smooth black led taillights, come one you can't go wrong.

my favorite mod on my xb2 and on mostly any other ones ive seen are my clazzio covers. with a release series, your seats already look kind of cool, but you cant beat the comfort, especially with kids in the car. not to mention how easy they are to clean, black leather/suede with some gold would look sick bro.
heres my seats

is your grille toyota oem one? cant really tell from the pics.

as soon as I got my xb i did the suspension, clazzio leather, and badgeless grille, then saved my money and didnt mod it again for 1-2yrs. your car looks great bro it will all come together eventually, but what you got going so far id say two thumbs up.
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I believe the cheapest are like 300 and the most expensive genuine leather ones maybe like 450 give or take. but I mean you're getting your own taste whatever colors/stitching u want, so you cant really beat it.

springs, a lot of companies are great, seems like whoever you ask theyll tell you whatever brand is on their own car is the best..Me personally I have Tein Htech. comfortable daily drivinig drop. personally my opinion is if you get like crazy low springs, it would get to uncomfortable, if you want LOW, get coils or save for air.
ive driven on my tein springs on the oem shocks for 2 years. I only live 5 miles aways from work so im only at 20k and the shocks wore out, very bump, so i just replaced the oem with the trd shock strut package. but the springs, im very happy with and love them. ill consider coilovers probably late in the summer.

but to save few bucks, you can just lurk the classifieds too, especially on scionlife. you could even post in the wanted section of the classifieds, i bet someone would respond with something. seems like more people have tanabe brand i thinhk so im sure theyre good too. but its still used, you dont know how or where the previous owner drove, if it were me i would only buy new suspension products. totally get what you mean certain mods have endless brands with similar products, i just went with brands i know, ive had tein suspension on a couple of project cars and daily drivers here and there so i figured might as well get em.

heres tein htech drop for reference. i nevered measured the drop, but some websites say 1.1 front 2.1 rear
this mine months ago. sold the carbonfiber and the rims since, gonna go with a new style.

hope that helps!
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18x7.5. cant remember tire size or offset, sorry
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