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Hellen4Wheels said:
I didn't know there were so many places TO clean until I started showing. Hubby does the outside and uses a soft cloth to wash and synthetic shammy to dry, like that one ^^^. I use a damp terry cloth for the interior. I haven't used any type of "dressing" for the dash and vinyl on the inside because I haven't felt the need. I clean the dash (huge thing) as well as the kick panels, door silly, pillar covers...whew! If there are stains or spills, I use something mild, like Simple Green. This car is my baby, so I clean it gently.
HONDA makes an awesome product called spray cleaner and polish. It is sold @ HONDA dealerships and it is in a black white can with pink accents. Cleans protects, and doesnt leave any residue. Inside and outside. Check it out!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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