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What TRD Parts Would You Want?

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Our local Scion dealership is going to host a free show and wanted to offer discounted TRD parts to the participants. They asked me which parts Scion owners would be most likely to buy. I figure I would ask everyone here their opinion.
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Definitely suspension (strut brace and sway bar) and wheels for me....
Man I really wish I lived in your area... Id definitely attend and take some cash.... :cheers:
Hit me up for what you want and I will see what I can do for you.
I'd say the "trinket" type stuff (cheap stuff) and possibly intake, springs, and a strut. That stuff is most likely to "move."
The cheaper stuff because people are more likely to grab it on a whim. The other stuff is more of an "investment" and stuff people plan to buy rather than quick. That said, ask some of the folks closer to your area and possibly Steve (ScionPro) what they are likely to buy or stuff folks would grab for a good deal.
Id say strut brace, suspension, things like that, and intake.
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This is a hard one in my opinion. There's really not anything TRD offers that you can't find cheaper by another company with very comparable quality. Hence why most people go Hotchkis sways over the TRD sway bar. Tenabe coils over TRD, etc...

That said the less common but still budget conscious items. Strut braces, shift knobs, oil caps, rear bumper sticker, rear exhaust. Basically things that are reasonably cheap, easy to install and don't have a lot of other versions floating around.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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