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What was your first mod?

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So, I haven't had my xB long enough to have any mods done to it - I've had it for about 2 weeks - besides an 8 ball shift knob (and a parking sticker ;) ). I was wondering what everyone else's very first mod was so that I could be getting ideas on what to do first. Also, if you have any suggestions on what I should do first please let me know. Oh, and my xB is a 2009 Blackberry Crush Metallic. Thanks!
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My very first 'mod' was swaped the radio+speakers and added sub+amp but I don't realy count that seeing as I already had all I neede from my last car all I bought were 6.5" componant speakers for the front my 'TRUE' first mod are the vertical led vent lights from oznium (and what a mod 1of 10 set of lights made so-far)

I'm thinking of the trd brakes for my next mod
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