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What was your first mod?

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So, I haven't had my xB long enough to have any mods done to it - I've had it for about 2 weeks - besides an 8 ball shift knob (and a parking sticker ;) ). I was wondering what everyone else's very first mod was so that I could be getting ideas on what to do first. Also, if you have any suggestions on what I should do first please let me know. Oh, and my xB is a 2009 Blackberry Crush Metallic. Thanks!
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Before getting it home (dealer installed items): Rear Spoiler, Overhead Console, Pedal Covers, Rear Bumper Protector, and C Pillar Cubbies.
My first Mod after getting it home was the Parking Brake By-Pass for the Nav/DVD Unit.
Rear Spoiler.

Did it myself, bought the spoiler off of eBay. I was nervous drilling holes into a brand new car. :eek:
xb2_drew said:
Rear Spoiler.

Did it myself, bought the spoiler off of eBay. I was nervous drilling holes into a brand new car. :eek:
Are you happy with it? How long did it take you to install it?

Sorry it's a little off topic, but I was curious. Lol
TRD suspension & front tower bar, Tein H-Tech springs and Hotchkis F&R sways. I did them all in one shot for 3 hours at the shop.
pioneer Indash nav, steering wheel controls, viper remote start/alarm, grillcraft upper grill, 5000 hids, switched to synthetic oil, removed ugly hubcaps and rocking steelies.

Upcoming, amp & subs (alread have them but want to sell them because im going a different route), blackhouse headlights, remove snorkel... and the list could go on for days.

My wife says its a waste of time and money because I should be happy with how my car is. She shouldve known better marrying a mobile electronics installer that I would mod the car...
At the Dealership- Fogs, Upper speed-grille, Upgraded head unit, Exhuast tip (I let my wife pick em' out, it was originnally her car but she didnt dig it and I did)
In my Driveway-The first mods were sub amp and crossover, and moving the xB badge to the grille and ditching the dealer badge.
for me it was the billet grill, chrome door handle covers and chrome window pillars!! About a month after, swaped out the whole sound systemand got some 18" rims!! I couldn't resist!! :D

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i guess mine would be adding a 6000k HID kit.
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