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wheel bearings? Brands?

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So I've been hearing some occasional squeals at low speed (driveway) from the left rear wheel the last couple of weeks. I was driving today with the cruise set at about 60 and the same wheel suddenly started howling. If I tapped the brakes even lightly, the sound went away. I pulled over to take a look. The rotor looks good. I put new pads and rotors on last year. The rim was very warm to the touch. The passenger side rim was cool. I turned around to head home and didn't hear a sound the rest of the way - about 30 minutes.

Obviously there is some heat from friction building up somewhere. My first thought would be the brake caliper hung up. That shouldn't happen after only a year though. Next would be a bad wheel bearing. I'm going out in a bit to pull the wheel and take a look.

Toyota wants $450 for a hub assembly! Online I can find them for $66-$450. I don't want to go with a cheap part that is going to go bad in no time. I'm guessing that as long as I stick with a brand I've heard of like Timkin, Beck/Arnley, or Raybestos I should be ok (all under $200 at Rock Auto). Do any techs out there have any thoughts or advice to add?
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I pulled the calipers and rotors. The brakes look perfect. I spun the hub and it sounds like when little kids put something in the spokes of their bicycle to make a clacking sound when they ride.

Guess I'm buying a hub.
Sounds just like this - but mine doesn't wobble yet.

I called RockAuto and they said Timkin was probably the best. I know Timkin is one of the biggest bearing manufacturers in the world. They suggested Raybestos was probably the best price for quality so I bought that one. I mostly know Raybestos for brakes.
I thought about that, but cash is a little tight right now.
Off the top of my head, I think 55,000. (Possibly 57k tho)

This is the same wheel that gave me brake problems last year. I think the caliper wasn't fully releasing and necessitated a brake job. I have to wonder if that added stress to the bearings causing them to wear out sooner.
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