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Wheel Lock Nuts...?

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I'm planning on getting some new wheels for my xB this Christmas, but I been debating on getting them due to a certain reason.

Theft takes place everywhere, but in my particular city. Cars being stolen is likely. Where as I don't believe they will try to steal my car cause of newer model and alarm system. But I'm worried that my wheels may get stolen and I will wake up with my car on bricks.

Any suggestions on ways to lock my wheels so it cant be taken?
I seen wheel lock nuts... do they actually work? do they come in different colors? opinions are welcome please :) Thank You
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Most wheels locks can be defeated. All these locks are just deterrents. They are not full proof. Best thing to do is have full coverage insurance.

There is a wheel lock company that will guarantee or they will replace your wheels. Unless you're buying some high dollar HREs wouldnt even bother.

Rimlox | 877-618-5636
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