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Wheel Lock Nuts...?

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I'm planning on getting some new wheels for my xB this Christmas, but I been debating on getting them due to a certain reason.

Theft takes place everywhere, but in my particular city. Cars being stolen is likely. Where as I don't believe they will try to steal my car cause of newer model and alarm system. But I'm worried that my wheels may get stolen and I will wake up with my car on bricks.

Any suggestions on ways to lock my wheels so it cant be taken?
I seen wheel lock nuts... do they actually work? do they come in different colors? opinions are welcome please :) Thank You
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yes and no
1. you need to find the right wheels locks per wheel design
2. if they want the wheels they will figure out how to take them

you can purchase lug nuts that require a odd size socket or torx key socket which the kit would come with.
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