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wheel nuts

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I'm in the process of revamping my wheels with new chrome lug(wheel) nuts. The ones that I bought(Doorman 611-133) are rusted and look like crap. I've noticed that Toyota sells ones for the Corolla that appear to hold up after a few years but the dealer says that they are not cheap($ 7.25 ea.). I'm looking elsewhere to find them. Any suggestions?
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I'm still of the opinion that the cost jump from hubcaps and trim rings to alloy wheels is not that great, especially if you keep the 16" tire size (because smaller wheels and tires are less expensive) and use the occasional discount coupon on Discount Tire Direct
Wheel Products - Discount Tire Direct
Maybe now is the time to make the move? :)

...but anyway, Amazon has a wide selection of lug nuts, just do a search for "m12 x 1.5 lug nuts". For example they have the McGard system with locks for 5 lug wheels (total of 20 lugs) for $32.07.

Since my alloy wheels have very tight lug recesses I went with splined lug nuts and "tuner" style locks.

Have fun!
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