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Wheels Choices

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Just looking for opinions on wheel choices for my XB. I have a Blackberry Crush and torn on what kind of wheels to go with and what color. Here are a couple that I am considering.

All in 18" with 225/40/18 tires.

Not asking you to chose for me, just looking for your thoughts.

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I think they're all beautiful rims, but I find myself thinking... oh my gawd, how are you ever going to keep those clean. *Sigh* laziness wins over beauty for me every time.

Sure wish I knew the answer to that one - I've been considering upgrading to the 19" TRDs, but my one-way commute is a little over 32 miles and then I put more for work miles on during the day. Two weeks, 2000 miles, and the car is running great.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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