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Wheels / Rubber / Lowering Kit

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I just bought a 2012 XB super-white and I love it, so much so that my 370z Nismo has taken a back seat!

So I am new to the game here and I am sure this has been talked about somewhere but I have read and read and cannot find anything so please be gentle with me.

I am starting my build and am trying to figure out what lowering kit to go with. Shoes I want are 18x8 +45 sporting 215-45-18 rubber. I am trying to figure out what lowering kit will give me the best look and handle, here is what I am considering :

TRD .5"F and 1.5"R - These level out the XB I think but I don't think this is low enough overall for my liking...
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Tanabe DF210 1.7"F and 2.2"R drop - These I don't think it will level out the hicked up rear down enough, the .5" diff just doesn't meet the math.

Eiback Sportline 1.2"F and 2.2"R - These are my top pick out of the 3 as they are lower than the TRD and the 1" diff seems to meet the math to level out the ride.

Help a newb out and tell me what you think, should I adjust my thoughts? Are my wheels and rubber combo good for the kit I want? Is there a better setup that I am missing?

Thanks a ton for any input - Toasted
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Try Eibach Pro line & save some cash @ 1" front & 1.2 rear drop and run bigger tires. These are the same springs as the TRD just different color of powder coating. I called Dave @ Eibach and gave him the TRD part numbers he matched the springs. TRD labels / states the TRD's @ 1" front & 1.5" rear drop. I learned that Eibach makes most factory after market springs for Mazda, Toyota and others as well.

Just stay away from TEIN springs as they will sag big time over time! 100% total junk!

I'm running a 245 tires on 8" with a 45et wheels.

Tossing in a pic even though its just a stockie.

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I'm running the df210 and love them a lot gets u low and it does seem to level u out here is a pic

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What wheel and tire size are you running there jruless?
Right there Im running my Trd 19" wheels but I got a nail in one the tires so I just put back on my stock 16" wheels and it's lower now lol crazy right

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