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danos_xbox said:
According to the enlarged view The parts do exist but are aftermarket and many that were on it void the warranty! I don't mean to step on Ross and I could be totally of the mark cause like he says the shots look digitally changed. :confused:
If you transition from one shot to the next some of the shots are in the exact same position down to the very pixel. Even the shadows cast, glare, everything. And most of those pictures sport the 5-axis foglights of which to my knowledge only one set was ever made which was on the 5-axis xB. Most - if not all - of those pictures featured are engineered. The text at the bottom of the enlarged image is just a disclaimer so people don't think that what is shown is standard equipment that they can get from their dealer. This is similar to when you see a magazine ad for a car that says $15,000 MSRP and in tiny tiny print at the bottom it says "price as shown $17,995."

The accessories shown such as rims and spoilers probably are based on real aftermarket accessories, but then again could be completely fictional. Either way those pictures are artist renderings of what you could make your xB look like and I think it would be really cool if you found a wing similar to that for your xB!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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