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We had our days - my xB got through fine.
We had two days of snow here,about 2-3 inches which melted within hours. Winters here suck or are fantastic, depending on who has the shovel. The're mostly wayyy too warm.This year it was wearing a medium jacket when out, with some shirt sleeve weather thrown in. And no, one does not want to move here - the road /bridge infrastructure can't handle a smooth flow of traffic, and we even have a rush hour or two. Roads just aren't wide enouph to handle all the immigration from different parts of the state/country. One must understand that most roads here started out as cow paths and little has changed since. To make traffic roll smoothly, the doctine of eminent domain would have to be implemented, pissing off lots of folks whose two centuries' old houses abut the major thoroughfares.This is one of the oldest counties in Pennsylvania, going back to the early 1700s.
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