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Which grill?!

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I have the Stingray Metallic 2010 XB and difficult to decide which grill to go with. Which would best compliment my car?

The Billet (grillcraft)

GrillCraft® - Scion xB 2008-2010 BG Series Polished Billet Grille


The Mesh (grillcraft)

GrillCraft® - Scion xB 2008-2010 MX Series Black Fine Mesh Grille


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I have a Stingray as well, and I've had both a shiny grill (like billet but with HUGE "chrome") and now I have a black mesh (ebay cheapo). I can post pics of both when i get home if it helps ya out. That way you can see what the chrome looks like on our color. Personally, I dig the black. Makes it look a little more sporty.
heres a link to one of the pics. hope this helps. ill still try and find more tonight.....

and heres the one with the black grill

just scroll down till you find my pics
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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