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Which grill?!

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I have the Stingray Metallic 2010 XB and difficult to decide which grill to go with. Which would best compliment my car?

The Billet (grillcraft)

GrillCraft® - Scion xB 2008-2010 BG Series Polished Billet Grille


The Mesh (grillcraft)

GrillCraft® - Scion xB 2008-2010 MX Series Black Fine Mesh Grille


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I guess the accent that was throwing me off on my car would be the tinted windows and the black trim around my windows etc...
@box Monkey, can you upload those pics? That would be a huge help! thanks
i have a stingray as well, and i've had both a shiny grill (like billet but with huge "chrome") and now i have a black mesh (ebay cheapo). I can post pics of both when i get home if it helps ya out. That way you can see what the chrome looks like on our color. Personally, i dig the black. Makes it look a little more sporty.

that would be a huge help, thanks
Which you prefer?

do you prefer the black mesh?

also, do you think you wanna sell your hood? just wondering lol
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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