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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum and of course I’m looking for help.
I just got a 2012 xB and I want to put a new head unit in. I’m looking for Nav/Gps/Dvd/CD/Bluetooth, ect. I’m also looking for a system that works with the steering wheel buttons and usb (only) plug. So if you guys could post a few suggestions and or tips, that would be awesome!

A friend of mine suggested this one:

However, I’m not sure if there are any better ones in this price ranger or lower. I’m also not sure if it will work with the steering wheel and usb plug in the center compartment.

I was also looking at possibly:
S40 GPS Navigation In-Dash Unit Aftermarket Stereo For Scion XD 07-11 USB | eBay
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