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How I did What:
All Material automotive grade blue microsude or Pearl White Vinyl
Glue: 3M black and red can 08088
Doors: Sprayed base white. material on insert, tweeter, inside of door handle. Body color blue on Superior Dash pieces, still have a few things I'd like to do with the doors and I'll show you when I get closer to finishing them.
Dash: Marblized Blue on top, base white on the front, trim rings are material, center panel is S.D. piece painted white
Gauge: Scion United piece that I made, bezel painted candy blue like the headlights. Material around frame of bezel. Still undecided on the cover, probably airbrushing something.
Lower dash: all silver pieces wrapped, added OG Scion Logo to center, glove box wrapped. Table wrapped in different material as I didn't do it but I like it. (not shown in pics)
Steering wheel: Still in the works, I boughten another one to do a project with and...I'd love to tell you but you'll have to wait and see.
Seats: Scion Shoppe covers.
Headliner: Material
A&B Pillars: White Vinyl
C Pillar: Painted and made display cases out of them
Rear: Roulette wheel, table almost complete
Pedals: Gen 1 blue, only had to add one screw to have them install correctly and they look good and cost me $5 at a Scion Swap Meet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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