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Hey guys, i am looking to get some sexy looking stainless headers for my 2012 rukus, if anyone has them or can recommend me any on ebay so i can have a look that would be great, also one more question regarding the engine light.. what will i have to purchase to bypass that?, thank you..!

- Jim

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Yo flex checkout weapon r headers. It will come with an s pipe and a cel eliminator

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Strup, which I bought used, quit making them. They are good, but now hard to find.
Weapon R makes good ones too. That is what I would go after if I was looking now.
Ebay ones are really, really hit-and-miss. See if you can ID the manufacturer to compare them.

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yes, 08-10 will fit 2012. And when u buy see if CEL eleminator included if not u gotta buy it (around $40 and takes 5 min or so to install).
I would go with Weapon-R...i bought from ebay ( and had to return once because of cheap quality.
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Pioneer 760watt (amp);
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Blue 48 SMD LED Light Panel (dome light);
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2PCS White T10 8 SMD LED License Plate Tag Light Bulbs;
TRD Front Grill Badge Logo Emblem;
TRD Engine Oil Fuel Filler Fill Tank Cap Cover Plug;
TRD Silver Car emblem badges car side stick emblem;
Trailer hitch w/ plug&play wiring kit;
Front bumper lip body kit,
Front tow hook;
Plasti dipped bumper/grill/front and rear badges;
European License Plates - German Quality;
2.4L racing stainless steel header;
Weapon-R 963-111-102 CEL Eliminator;
Front strut town brace bar aluminum carbon look style;
Factory Style Black Fiber Glass Rear Tail Trunk Roof Spoiler Wing;
TRD - Rear Bumper Cover;
TRD - Door Sill Protectors
Catback Exhaust System w/aftermarket tip.

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Don't forget about the Tsudo header as well. Yes you definitely pay more for it, approx. $300 USD, but it actually keeps the pre-cat, comes with the CEL eliminator and s-pipe. Also if you look at the design it uses a double Y collector system to take advantage of the scavanging effects such a systems gives you. Not saying it'll add a ton of power but it does take advantage of some tried and true exhaust designs that work for geting a bit more power.

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I have ran a Tsudo header with the catted S-pipe for the last 10,000 miles. Very high quality and a perfect fit. It comes with the 02 extension so no check engine light. Very nice power gain. I also had the Tsudo scuba delete and it sounded deep and loud. Not raspy, just loud... I just put mine back to stock and I can really tell a difference (power loss...). I got mine from ERZ Performance. I have it for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested. Pretty easy install in less than 1.5 hours with basic hand tools...

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yeah shipping to Australia is $200. Weapon R's are very expensive plus with that shipping rate i wouldnt waste that much money for header.
Check the Tsudos, they r not that expensive and quality is still quite good.
Tsudo Scion XB 08 09 10 11 12 Catted Race 4 2 1 Header s Pipe | eBay.

you have to contact seller to see if he will ship to you.
shippings too much, that sux
I have been running my full Strup exhaust. I believe is the best sounding exhaust made for the XB2. unfortunately I hear its been discontinued for a while.
how annoying lol..

i wonder if its worth getting something made up locally?

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So i been doing abit more research, getting the weapon r, or tsudo will not work out, shipping kills me, i found some nice ones i like on ebay but if anyone can tell me what would i need to buy for the check engine light?, i messaged one of the fellas on ebay regarding the CEL eliminator and he says if it comes on get the guy at the exhaust shop to adjust it..?.. any feedback would be great, just need to know if i need to purchase anything else with the headers - Jim
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