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Will I be ok?

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I have my eyes on these wheels. My mouth waters at the sight of them. Will I be ok just slapping them on or would i need wheel spacers and what not? What exactly would I have to do?
18 inch Winter Wheel/Tire Package
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Well according to the bolt pattern, offset, and wheel width will fit. However you will need different hub centric rings since the 66mm will not fit our xBs. Also with these 225/45 and 245/45 tires you will be introducing a significant speed error (the rolling diameter is bigger than the stock 16 205/55 rolling diameter). Finally since this is a staggered set (fronts smaller than the rears) you will not be able to rotate the tires.

This same site also offers a tire/wheel comparison. They say:

Suspension clearance:package 2 is 13 mm (0.5'') closer to suspension/brakes components. Acceptable for most cars. Fenders clearance:package 2 will stick out 27 mm (1.1'') farther. Make sure that you have enough room under the fender. If not, consider narrower tires or higher offset. Wheelwells clearance:Will fill out the wheelwell by extra 23 mm. Make sure that you have enough room under the fender. If not, consider lower profiles or smaller rims. SPEEDOMETER:When speedometer reads 60mph (96.6km/h) actual speed will be 64.3mph (103.5km/h): 7.2% faster.
They suggest you use 215/40R18 tires to more closely match the OEM rolling diameter.

SO: if you are willing to live with a 7% speed error, no tire rotation front to rear, and perhaps the rear tires rubbing your fenders, you might be OK until you can replace the tires with something a litter less wide and/or shorter profile.

Hope it all works out! Good luck...
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sorry instead of 215/40R18, I should have said 225/40R18.
Oh another thing, I did the size comparison using the rear tires. Since the smaller front tires are closer to the stock rolling diameter, and since our FWD cars use the driving wheels to measure speed, the speedometer error will be 4.3% and not 7.2%. Hope this helps.
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