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Window switches

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Has anyone had their window switches out lately? I guess I'm just lazy, but I hate that the other 3 window switches in the driver's door don't stick down. I'm wondering if it would be possible to get 3 more of the "auto" window switches and swap them out. Does anyone know what it looks like in there? Are the switches interchangeable?

If someone here that is a tech for Toyota could cross-reference the part to see what other vehicles use the same switch it would be much easier to search a scrap yard for switches. I would be eternally grateful! :)
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I know this is an old thread but I was wondering along the same lines... Would the Ruckus switch assembly fit in our xb's? I know the cars are pretty much identical, but I wasn't sure if the drivers side being the right side affected the orientation.
I think this was brought up some time ago but its more than just a switch like the drivers window. Theres probably limit switch in each window too. My daughters 07tC has both sides that are auto. Never taken the door panels off to see. But its a search start maybe.
Auto roll down windows do have different components in them. The limit switches are actually built in to all the windows so that you don't choke a little kid who has his head through the window, but the switches them selves have different circuitry to initiate the one touch down. Easiest way to do it would be to get two DEI 535T window modules. These will give you one touch up and down of all four windows and if you have an alarm they can also automatically roll the windows up when you arm the alarm.

If you wire them directly to the driver's door switches the auto up and down functions will only work from the drivers door or if you wire them directly to the motors in each door then all the switches will have auto up and down.
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